About Neal Howard Trial Consulting

Neal Howard is a nationally recognized trial consultant working on high profile and high stakes litigation since 2000. With twenty years prior expertise as a writer, teacher and communications professional in advertising, public relations, corporate communications, television and film, Neal has spent his entire career effectively influencing and moving audiences. Neal provides counsel with invaluable insight in shaping cases for maximum jury impact. His keen ability to identify essential case issues referenced with his keen understanding of audiences also makes him an invaluable asset in jury selection.

Neal played a pivotal role in the successful prosecution of KKK member Thomas Blanton, Jr. convicted in the infamous Alabama Church Bombing (2000) and aided in the conviction of Klan leader Edgar Ray Killen in the "Mississippi Burning" murders (2005). Other notable and successful consulting work includes the Avondale Mills v Norfolk Southern litigation resulting from a disastrous train derailment and massive chemical spill (2008), the Conrad Black/Hollinger International criminal fraud cases (2007), the defense of Microsoft in state antitrust litigation beginning with Iowa in Comes v Microsoft (2007), the landmark verdict against the Lead Paint Industry by the State of Rhode Island (2006), early Novartis Pharmaceuticals Phenylpropanolamine/PPA litigation (National Law Journal Ten Most Significant Defense Verdicts of 2004) and the defense of MGM Studios in a record-breaking invasion of privacy action (National Law Journal Ten Most Significant Defense Verdicts of 2001). Involvement in two top ten verdicts in a four year span is a track record matched by few other consultants.

Prior to now, Neal spent six years with Zagnoli McEvoy Foley in Chicago one of the nation's premier trial consulting firms with a long history in mass torts and corporate defense work. He has also collaborated very closely with trial consulting stalwarts Jo-Ellan Dimitrius of O.J. Simpson and Enron fame and civil rights specialist Andy Sheldon of Atlanta. Neal is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and former chair of the ASTC Pro Bono Committee. He is also a member of the exclusive Writers Guild of America. Click here to read more about Neal's practical...winning experience.

Read About Neal Howard's Work in the News

Alabama Church Bombing (Thomas Blanton Jr. Trial)

  • "Ex-Klansman Convicted in 1963 Alabama Church Blast"
    Los Angeles Times, Jeffrey Gettleman, 5/2/01 READ ARTICLE
  • "Ex-Klansman Is Found Guilty In '63 Bombing"
    New York Times, Kevin Sack, 5/2/01 READ ARTICLE
  • "Belated justice served"
    U.S. News & World Report, Angie Cannon, 5/14/01 READ ARTICLE
  • "Belated justice served"
    U.S. News & World Report, Angie Cannon, 5/6/01 READ ARTICLE
  • "Birmingham church bomber guilty, gets four life terms"
    CNN.com, 5/1/01 READ ARTICLE
  • "Prosecutors Try to Recreate Birmingham's '63 Nightmare" New York Times, Rick Bragg, 1/15/02 READ ARTICLE
  • "A trial fit for Hollywood… a screenwriter turned consultant helped put a dramatic oratory sheen on the Alabama church bombing case."
    Los Angeles Times, Mary McNamara, 5/10/01 READ ARTICLE
  • "Trial: A screenwriter adds more drama to the proceedings"
    Los Angeles Times, Mary McNamara, 5/10/01 READ ARTICLE

Avondale Mills v. Norfolk Southern

  • "A Deadly Crash"
    New York Times, 1/8/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Cloud Rising From Train Wreck, Then Death and a Ghost Town"
    New York Times, Ariel Hart and Matthew L. Wald, 1/8/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Ninth body found near train wreck"
    CNN.com, 1/8/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Effects of Deadly Train Crash Still Rumble Through Town"
    Los Angeles Times, Jennie Jarvie, 1/16/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "Remembering the worst train wreck in South Carolina's history"
    NBCAugusta.com, Steve Kuzj, 1/4/09 READ ARTICLE
  • "Town will long feel aftermath"
    Augusta Chronicle, Jim Nesbitt, 1/16/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "South Carolina Company Closed by Train Wreck Wants $420M" Insurance Journal, Meg Kinnard, 3/12/08 READ ARTICLE
  • "Avondale Seeks $420 Million from Norfolk Southern Railroad"
    USLaw.com, USLaw Blog Directory READ ARTICLE
  • "Norfolk Southern Corporation reaches favorable agreement with Avondale Mills to settle claims from Graniteville accident"
    Spriggs & Hollingsworth READ ARTICLE
  • "SC firm, railroad settle suit over spill"
    USA Today, Meg Kinnard, AP Writer, 4/7/08 READ ARTICLE
  • "SC textile firm, railroad settle lawsuit over 2005 train wreck, toxic spill that killed 9"
    International Herald Tribune, AP, 4/7/08 READ ARTICLE
  • "RPWB, LLC Secures Settlement in Avondale Mills v. Norfolk Southern Lawsuit"
    Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, 4/9/08 READ ARTICLE

PPA (Phenylpro-panolamine) Mass Tort Litigation

  • "First two trials over a drug go to defense…2,000 suits over PPA wait in wings"
    National Law Journal, Gary Young, 2/2/04 READ ARTICLE
  • "Defenders rack up wins in nine high-stakes cases"
    National Law Journal, 3/8/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Verdict quashed line of diet-drug claims"
    National Law Journal, June D. Bell, 4/17/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "The defense hot list"
    National Law Journal, Lindsay Fortado and Stefanie Shaffer, 8/22/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "The Mass Tort Bonanza That Wasn't"
    The American Lawyer, Alison Frankel, 1/6/06 READ ARTICLE

Rhode Island v. Lead

  • "Lead-Paint makers created a public nuisance jury finds… Rhode Island verdict a first against the paint industry"
    ABAJournal.com, Molly McDonough, 2/23/06 No link available
  • "Paint makers found liable for poisoning kids"
    CNNMoney.com, Jessica Seid, 2/23/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "R.I. verdict goes against former lead paint makers"
    Washington Post, Eric Tucker AP, 2/23/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "Rhode Island wins lead-paint suit"
    Wall Street Journal, Charles Forelle, 2/23/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "Rhode Island wins lead paint suit…State is 1st to see verdict vs. makers"
    Boston Globe, Raja Mishra, 2/23/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "3 companies found liable in lead-paint nuisance suit"
    Providence Journal, Peter Lord, 2/23/06 READ ARTICLE
  • "Rhode Island: decision in lead paint case"
    New York Times, Katie Zezima, 2/23/06 READ ARTICLE

Mississippi Burning Murders
(Edgar Ray Killen Trial)

  • "Ex-Klansman convicted in '64 killings"
    Clarion Ledger, Jerry Mitchell, 6/22/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Killen guilty"
    Neshoba Democrat, Debbie Burt Myers, 6/22/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Klansman convicted of manslaughter in 1964 killings of civil rights workers"
    CourtTV.com, 6/21/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "Ex-Klansman receives 60 years for three 1964 killings"
    CourtTV.com, Harriet Ryan, 6/23/05 READ ARTICLE
  • "A force behind civil rights trials: jury consultants"
    National Law Journal, Leonard Post, 6/11/05 No link available
  • "Crime Stories"
    New York Times, Spencer Morgan, 7/10/05 READ ARTICLE

Marich v. MGM

  • "Top Defense Verdicts"
    Law.com, Margaret Cronin Fisk, 2/6/02 READ ARTICLE
  • "Legal reality: TV cop show wins in privacy case…a thunderbolt ending"
    Law.com, ALM, 817/01 READ ARTICLE

Conrad Black Trial

  • "Conrad Black prosecution Enron byproduct"
    AP/USA Today, Dave Carpenter, 7/15/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Conrad Black trial shifts to co-defendants' roles"
    Reuters, Andrew Stern, 6/21/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Ex-gov. grilled at Conrad Black trial"
    AP/USA Today, Mike Robinson, 5/2/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Final arguments under way at Conrad Black trial"
    Reuters, Andrew Stern, 6/18/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Conrad Black jury gets case begins deliberating"
    Reuters, Andrew Stern, 6/27/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Conrad Black Jury Unable to Reach Verdict, Judge Orders Them Back to Work"
  • "U.S. judge tells deadlocked Black jury to resume"
    Reuters, Andrew Stern, 7/10/07 READ ARTICLE

Kachurak v. Abdulhay

  • "Mistaken cancer trial opens: Attorneys say patient who was treated with chemotherapy for cancer never had the disease."
    Times Leader, David Weiss, 4/11/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Cancer patient awarded $3M"
    Times-tribune, WADE MALCOLM, 5/2/07 READ ARTICLE
  • "Woman gets $3M for cancer case: Michelle Kachurak was treated with chemo for disease she didn't have"
    Times Leader, David Weiss, 5/1/07 READ ARTICLE