Consulting Services

Services include:

  • Juror Centric Research and Messaging
    • Identifying and Addressing Case Issues of Critical Concern to Jurors (or Jurists)
    • Focus Group & Mock Trial Research
    • Trial Themes & Trial Messaging
    • Developing Outlines & Rhetoric for Opening & Closing
    • Developing Trial Strategies
  • Community Attitude Surveys
  • Change of Venue Research
  • Damages and Settlement Valuation
  • Voir Dire & Jury Selection
  • Juror Questionnaires
  • Witness Preparation
  • Shadow Jury Analysis
  • Courtroom Observation (Real-time Trial Analysis and Recommendations)
  • Compiling Critical Evidence/Testimony for Closing

Neal's areas of pre-trial expertise consist of:

  • Identifying, analyzing and rating relevant case issues
  • Conducting community attitude and change of venue research
  • Designing, executing and analyzing mock trial research
  • Settlement decision-making
  • Developing winning trial themes and trial strategies
  • Conducting jury selection including designing juror questionnaires and effective voir dire strategies

Neal's areas of trial expertise consist of:

  • Developing opening statements and closing arguments
  • Developing effective content for trial graphics
  • Witness preparation
  • Orchestrating the most effective presentation of evidence and testimony
  • Shadow jury analysis
  • Daily trial tactics (Conducting courtroom observation to provide a real time tactical analysis based on unfolding testimony and evidence. Allows you to maximize damage control or take advantage of unexpected opportunities when it matters most.)

In addition to trial consulting, Neal provides case related communications guidance and reputation management help outside the courtroom.  His activities in this area include developing communication strategies for public and media relations and creating content for press statements & interviews, editorial statements, speeches and public addresses.

A short list of litigation clients Neal has worked with includes:

Jones Day
Kaye Scholer
King & Spaulding
Dewey & LeBoeuf
Dickstein Shapiro
Motley Rice
White O'Conner Fink & Brenner
Munley Munley & Cartwright
Richardson Patrick Westbrook & Brickman
  Gus Newman
The MathWorks
U.S. Department of Justice
Rhode Island and Mississippi Attorneys General
City of Chicago